Plot SummaryEdit

A new evil sorcerer named Darsula (who is to be voiced by Tim Curry in the series), arrives at Far-Far Away, and it's up to Shrek, Donkey, Puss, Fiona and the others to put an end to his evil plans.

Trivia NoticeEdit

Darsula is the complete opposite villain from Lord Farquaad in Shrek, the Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2, Prince Charming in Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third and Rumplestiltskin in Shrek Forever After.

Easter Egg Cameo Appearances and ReferencesEdit

Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-RabbitEdit

  • A plush toy of Hutch the Rabbit can be seen on Fergus's over night bed.
  • 5 life size statues of Wallace, Gromit, Lady Tottington, Victor Quartermaine and the were-rabbit can be seen in the background.


Z, General Mandible, Princess Bala, Corporal Weaver, Azteca, Colonel Cutter, the Queen Ant, Chip the Wasp, the Foreman, Staff Sergeant Barbatus, Grebs, Muffy the Wasp and Z's psychiatrist can be seen in the forest location.

Chicken RunEdit

  • A grown man, who looks suspiciously like Mr. Tweedy, can be seen plowing the farm fields.
  • A grown woman, who looks suspiciously like Mrs. Tweedy can be seen hanging up the laundry on the laundry line.
  • Rocky, Ginger, Fowler, Babs, Bunty, Mac, Nick and Fletcher can be seen on a poster on the fence.

The Prince of EgyptEdit

2 life size statues that resemble Moses and Ramesese II can be seen by the Candy Apple Pub.

Joseph: King of DreamsEdit

  • The 4 brothers, Joseph, Judah, Jacob and Benjamin can be seen as little wooden puppets in the craft shop window display.

The Road to El DoradoEdit

  • Tulio, Miguel, Chel, Hernán Cortés, Tzekel-Kan, Chief Tannabok, Zaragoza and Altivo can be seen as wax figures in the Joan Rivers Memorial Wax Museum.


  • OH and Tip can be seen as life size statues in the background.

The CroodsEdit

  • A poster for The Croods video game can be seen on the fence.

How to Train Your DragonEdit

  • Hiccup, Stoick the Vast, Fishlegs, Snotlout, Astrid Hofferson and Gobber the Belch can be seen as action figures on display.
  • Toothless, Stormfly, Meatlug and Hookfang can also be seen as plush toy figurines.

Spirit: Stallion of the CimarronEdit

Spirit, the Colonel, Little Creek, Sgt. Adams, Murphy, Bill, Joe, Jake and Roy appear as ceramic figurines.



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