This is the first special and one could say the 0th episode of Shrek: The Series.


A man is walking around with his child dressed as a vampire when a bush moves behind them.

Man: What the...

Three heads pop out.

Man: Son, walk back very very slowly.

The man and son dash away.

Man and Son: Aargh!!!

Farkle, Fergus and Felicia step out.

Farkle: Heh heh.

Shrek and Fiona run up and pick them up.

Shrek: Well kids, you did better than Daddy did when he was 1.

Fiona notices the door is a crack open.

Fiona: Uhh, Shrek...

Shrek: It's probably just Puss or Donkey, or Gingy.

Lord Farquaad laugh is heard.

Shrek turns around to see Donkey, Puss, Gingy, Pinochio, the Three Pigs and Wolfie.

Donkey: Happy Halloween, Shrek!

To Be Continued!