Son of Shrek also he is pretty hot


Shrekie is a very cool guy

and he has a lot of swag.

But when you mention his father (Shrek) he get's wery sad/angry, and kills everyone


Srekie is the son of Shrek and his dark clone DarkShrek he lived a happy life (not knowing about his tragic backstory involving DarkShrek) until Shrek was killed by Dr.Breen. This made Shrekie very sad.


Shrekie has over 9000 unique powers

1.Power slam: Shrekie slams his oponent in th face

2.Walking: Shrekie can use his feet to move around.

3.Having a weird face.


Ultra DeathShrek lazurbeams


  • Shreakie was born
  • Shreakie has killed a lot of poeple, but has never been questioned by the police (withoit killing them)
  • I know where you live