Shrek is born on September 11 1497

in fall 1504 he found a donkey but hell name him donkey.

in august 1512 he went to far far away high school there was 10,000 orges he found an ogre named Daniella Miller he was dating her for a year

in fall 1516 he went to Scottland University he once found a princess named fiona from the Dizzy Princess he thought fiona was hot fiona and shrek were best friends

in summer 1520 he got engaged with fiona in fall 1520 he went to joan rivers house with donald trump of the future of 2005 he joan rivers made fiona into shreks species on November 29 1520 they got married to eachother

shrek was so exited to have triplets on September 25 1521 they had 2 boys and 1 girl

in 1529 shreks parents and parents in law retired so they lived with them and the kids had all 4 grandparents

when summer 1540 started he planned a grudtion party and they invited people over

somewhere in 1559 he became a grandfather

on october 12 1598 his wife fiona died and he became the oldest ogre until December 14, 1599 one century straight before george washington died