Super Shrek is a new Shrek movie. 


After a jar of space goo falls on Shrek, Donkey, Fiona, Puss, The Ogre Babies and Shrek's fairytale friends, They all get Superpowers. Shrek gains Super Strength and is given a Super Roar, Fiona's Karate skills increase and she gains a Siren Song, Donkey gains flight and the ability to explode like dynamite without killing himself, Puss becomes Super Smart and can make boots, Pinochio gains the ability to make his nose extend, Gingy can throw dough balls, The Three Little Pigs have a super snort, Wolf has Super Vision and the Three Blind Mice gain Super Hearing. Together, the gang decides to become superheroes. Shrek becomes Captain Ogre, Fiona becomes Karate Siren, Donkey becomes Dynamite Donkey, Puss becomes Smart Puss In Boots, Pinochio becomes Pi-No-Chi-Oes, Gingy becomes Dough Guy, The Three Little Pigs becomes the Super Snorters, Wolfy becomes Wolf-Seer and the Three Blind Mice become the Three Blind Hearers. When a super villain threatens Far Far Away, The Ogre Team can't prevent him. Finally, the Ogre Babies become the Oppra Ogres and together they vanquish the villain with their oppra voices.


Shrek: Donkey! Now look what you've done!

Donkey: What? It ain't my fault! It just fell from the shelf.

Shrek: [groans] Now we need to go wash this off.

[the next morning, Fiona finds that Shrek is gone]

Fiona: Shrek? Shrek? Oh, no! Donkey! Have you seen Shrek?

Donkey: Nope! Not since this morning!

[A sudden tree comes flying past the window. Fiona and Donkey head outside to see what's up]

Fiona and Donkey: Shrek?

[Shrek, who is standing nearby, hurls a second tree. Fiona and Donkey go up to him]

Fiona: What are you doing, Shrek?

Shrek: [turns around] Oh, morning Fiona, Donkey. Isn't this great?

Fiona: What's great?

Shrek: I have Super Strength and a Super Roar. Isn't that great?

Fiona: That is great!

Donkey: You have superpowers now? Whoa! What are your powers, Princess?

Fiona: Well, I don't know. [kicks a tree and it falls over]

Shrek: Whoa! Fiona, your karate levels have increased.